Jan 29 2022

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Jabalpur Escorts Service Book Now 9057130000

Three Ways to Improve Your Sex Life in Lockdown Enjoy Sex Book Now 9057130000 


At the beginning of lockdown, I noticed there was a huge emphasis on everything you should be getting done while stuck at home. Get sick six-pack abs, uplevel—or start!—your online business, get 10K followers on your TikTok account, learn to make sourdough bread, and Kondo your entire home. Anyone with a partner better is having honeymoon-on-steroids sex with Escort Service in Jabalpur all this free time. No pressure.

Unsurprisingly, the extra stress, anxiety, and depression we’re experiencing in lockdown are not conducive to mind-blowing sex. Over 43% of participants in a study at Kinsey Institute at Indiana University reported a decline in the quality of their sex life since the pandemic began. Another study on female sexual behaviour during COVID-19 showed that while frequency and desire increased, quality went down the drain.

If reading this has brought up a reality that you’ve been trying to avoid with yet another season of The Crown, fear not. There are many ways to reinvigorate your lovemaking, even amid a pandemic. Spoiler alert: Pushing yourself (and your partner) to meet some imaginary expectation of what your sex should be like isn’t one of them. A “hustle” mentality doesn’t tend to lead to the connection, satisfaction, and fulfilment that we seek in our sexual lives Jabalpur Escort.

Instead, things like mindfulness, savouring, intentional touch, gratitude, and good old communication are way more effective and more fun, too. Here are some of my favourite tips for bringing the passion and quality back into the bedroom (and wherever else you might find yourselves!).

Mindfulness and savouring

Our brain’s negativity bias wires us to look for problems and zero in on what doesn’t feel good. We are even more likely to focus on discomfort during a time of crisis. Negativity can cut us off from sensual and sexual pleasure and desire. Swimming around in negativity and painful emotions isn’t a turn-on for most folks.

Intentional touch

In his work on the science of touch, GGSC founding director Dacher Keltner says, “We’re wired to—we need to—connect with other people on a basic physical level. To deny that is to deprive ourselves of some of life’s greatest joys and deepest comforts.”

Cuddling on the couch with Netflix, a good spooning session before falling to sleep, and holding hands while walking the dog can lower stress levels, give us a boost of oxytocin, and possibly increase compassion. Additionally, holding your partner’s hand could lower your response to threat, and that’s something we could all use right about now.

Communication and gratitude

There’s a quote from the Queen of Pop, Madonna, that encapsulates a major roadblock to quality sex with Jabalpur Call Girl: “A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.” 

A simple lack of communication can limit the pleasure, intimacy, satisfaction, and fun in sex that might otherwise be abundantly available. Expressing what you want sexually and getting interested in what your partner wants are surefire ways to move toward a higher-quality sex life.